Technological Containers, Atypies, Storage Containers, Abrolls

Technologické kontejnery, skladové kontejnery, abroly

3x stackable storage containers - metal non-insulated containers designed mainly for the storage of materials at construction sites. Storage containers can be adapted to meet customers' additional requirements, e.g. insulation and/or various infills, electrical installation, and sanitary equipment. Waste containers are available upon customer’s request.

Containers with Abrolls

kontejner s abrollem thumb
  • It is a combination of a residential container and an abroll in accordance with DIN 30722
  • The container is firmly welded onto the abroll frame
  • The container is equipped with the same equipment as conventional containers

Storage Containers

skladovy kontejner thumb
  • Storage containers rebuilding
  • Wall and ceiling are insulated, floor is unchanged. The floor may be insulated under certain conditions
  • Adding windows, door and sanitary equipment is possible
  • Standard equipment as with residential containers (e.g. electro installation)